Choose the best keyless door locks

With the recent advancement in the standards of living, individuals are on track to embrace every useful technology that comes their way. One of the modern technology that is being embraced by a large number of individuals is the use of keyless door locks. If you’ve got no idea of which keyless door lock to go for while shopping for one you need not to worry. As you continue reading through this article you will get informed on the guidelines to follow while identifying the best keyless door locks to meet your security needs.

Privacy Mode

2The amount of privacy that a keyless door lock provides is very important. Some types of keyless locks provide privacy modes that enable the user to erase all the codes that are stored in the lock. When these codes are deleted the keyless lock can only be used through voice recognition. Other types makes provision for receiving notifications through your smart phone anytime there is an attempt to unlock the door. Going for the kind of keyless door lock offering maximum privacy mode will give you an assurance of your home or office safety even when you are away.


These key locks come in both electrical and mechanical types. Though the mechanical types do not need wiring or the circuit function they are less advantageous because they are capable of handling one pin code at a go. On the other hand, the electrical types involve wiring and require batteries to operate. This electrical operation is more advantageous because the user can handle multiple secret codes at the same time. The electrical type is usually more attractive and convenient to use.

Lock Handles

The keyless lock handles come in different types all designed to suit the varied tastes of their users. These types include the knob handle and the lever handle; the knob handle is designed with a round handle placed on the outside while the lever handle features a long lever. The one you get to purchase will be determined by your interests and needs.


As you shop for a keyless door lock, it is important to check on the type of bolts to determine if it suits your desire. The keyless locks come with two types of bolts which include the dead bolt and the latch bolt. The deadbolt needs manual locking by using the knob placed on the door while the latter locks the door automatically when it is shut.


3As you check on the safety capabilities of your keyless locks, do not forget to choose the type that will enhance the look of your home. You can put into consideration the lock that compliments both your home’s interior and exterior outlook. On the design, it is also vital to look for the keyless lock featuring easily distinguishable buttons to enable you to avoid pressing wrong buttons while keying in your secret code.

Security for your home or office is a primary concern that you cannot afford to neglect. Getting yourself a quality keyless door lock is one of the ways through which you can enhance security in your home or business premises.