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Are Real Estate Agencies With A Letting Websites Advantaged?

Are Real Estate Agencies With A Letting Websites Advantaged?

Every modern day letting agency needs to have an online presence with the right letting agency website design at the forefront. This enables them to capture leads from vendors or landlords who are searching for a suitable local company to sell or rent their property. If you get it right, your business will receive a lot of traffic from vendors who are reaching out to you for the first time. Affitto best letting agents in the UK are no exception. Their assessment of your services, tutorials and testimonials will draw them to give you a call.


Mobile phone traffic

Ever since the widespread use of the mobile phone, their popularity has exploded significantly. For a fact, mobile phone searches overtook computer searches a few years back. It’s estimated that 40% estate agents have been reached out through mobiles and smartphones. This translates to tens of thousands of people searching online for a suitable letting agency every hour.


Based on this credible statistics it is important that your website remains responsive and adjustable on your screen. Letting agency websites that were designed a decade or so were unsuitable for mobile access. The shift to mobile access happened so quickly, and so is the adaptation to responsive websites.

Responsive website designs

Responsive website designs aim at providing a great viewing experience that is easy to read and involves minimal navigation, resizing, scrolling and panning. It is much easier for your website to be viewed straight on this device. Studies show that close to 50% of visitors are unlikely to return to a non-responsive mobile site.

Google search engine

Google remains the dominant online browsing force with a 60% dominance of the market share. According to Google. Responsive web designs from the best industry practices. The best letting agency websites always auger it to appear high on Google searches and ensure it appears on Google places too.

Simplicity is key – The Internet gives us a wide trove of information; actually more than we need. Most people today are busy at work or home and thus have short attention spans. Latest statistics reveal that most visitors spend a minute or so while scanning through your web pages for the headline texts and content.

A website acts as a virtual office. Instead of a vendor coming into your office to enquire about your service packages, they can easily get the information on the website pages. Having a dirty, untidy office is similar to a website that is stuffed with too much content, no specific call to action and vague testimonials.

Good for your image

Real estate agencies with websites are viewed positively than those that lack them. The right way to get this information is by having the quotes or testimonial of endorsement by other tenants and landlords visibly posted. Once a vendor or landlord checks out the names of the individuals who endorsed you, they develop a sense of confidence despite not having used it.

Localized searches

Google keeps updating its search algorithm making it easier for vendors to locate suitable letting agencies to rent or sell their properties. Having your website on Google places ensures that it features on local rankings.…