Different uses and features of the handheld spotlight

Different uses and features of the handheld spotlight

A handheld spotlight is a necessary device when lights go out in a building. The light emitting diode usually is the source of light. A handheld spotlight consists of a reflector, light bulb, battery, a cover which is transparent and switch. These spotlights can be categorized for special uses or general purposes. They are powdered by shaking the spotlight, or the batteries are charged through the solar panels. Click here for the handheld spotlight review. The following are the examples, features, and uses of best-handled spotlights in the market to be considered;



The Stanley SL10LEDS is considered as the best rechargeable handheld spotlight in the market. It is a compact spotlight which has got the black and yellow design. The three modes are included in the device whereby the trigger can be set by the buttons. When using it often, the light mode is the best way to be employed. It runs for a period of at least of seven hours in low light during at least sixty minutes in high beam mode. When the SL10LEDS spotlight is not used for one year, it can be able to retain its charge. When charging an individual can consider ac charging or charging from direct current if it exists. A bezel of heavy duty is incorporated for a durable design whereby the spotlight is protected from accidental drops. A white light which is stable is provided by the light emitting diode.


The LEDLIS handheld spotlight is a model manufactured by Stanley. For the people who require additional performance from the spotlight, the LEDLIS type should be considered for it is powerful. Convenient trigger lock, a pivoting stand which is collapsing, black and yellow finish and a pistol grip are the features which are incorporated into the design. The batteries can last for one year without charge. Both DC and AC chargers are included whereby a person can charge the device while driving or at home. On high beams, it runs for a period of one and half hours.



The Streamlight spotlight is manufactured to be employed on boats and crafts. When it accidentally drops in water, it floats, and IPX4 water resistance is provided. It is powered by alkaline batteries and has got rugged yellow and black design. Four alkaline batteries are needed for the Streamlight spotlight to operate for eight and half hours. A twelve voltage direct current power cord can also be employed. At high beam, two hundred and ten lumens are emitted and twenty at low beam.